Stella is a localization plugin for WordPress.

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About Stella

Stella plugin for WordPress is designed to allow the user to form a multilanguage site simply and effectively. Our plugin makes it possible for you to produce multilanguage content effectively and fast.

Plugin Features

  • host_versatility

    Host versatility - use pre-configured host names or form automatic URLs


    Our language plugin provides host name versatility - you can specify prearranged host names or allow plugin to form URLs for you automatically. Read carefully Installation section of this manual to setup it properly.

  • language_switch_widget

    Language switch widget


    We provide simple language switcher as a widget that can be added to your blog widget panel. It is configurated just a common widget.

  • localization_of_site_title

    Localization of site title, description and menu


    Your blog main page is also localizable. Site title and description are localized via Options -> General page, Menu is localized in Appearance -> Menus page.

  • localization_of_tags

    Localization of tags and categories


    Language plugin allows you to localize not only the main post text, but also a post-related content like tags and categories.

  • multilanguage_out

    Multilanguage out of the box


    Language plugin is ready to go just from the activation - simple configuration is required, but you don’t need additional third-party plugins or other stuff - you have everything you need for multilanguage support already.

  • multilanguage_post_content

    Multilanguage post content editing via tabs in post edit WordPress section


    Multilanguage content is smartly arranged via tabs. Languages are organized in the following way: there is main (default) language and other languages. Be careful, though - if you miss the content of any language tab, this post will be shown as empty post with no content.

  • plugin_localization_support

    Plugin localization support


    Currently plugin is locatized to two languages - Russian and English. Watch for updates on to get new supported languages.

  • loaclization_of_post_featured

    Post featured images localization


    Our plugin allows you to set different featured post images with different languages. With the default WordPress ability to insert gallery into post combined with our post language tabs you can form entirely different images for each post language. We have moved featured images widget from bottom-right of the page to just under the main text for more comfortable user experience.

  • short_and_simple

    Short and simple configuration


    Due to the multi-language content peculiarities plugin is requiring configuration. But it is short and simple - no need for excessive configuration. You must only define supported languages in Language plugin properties and select the way of forming URLs.

  • admin_bar_localization

    Support of custom post type localization


    Custom post types are also localized just like the posts.

Support & Updates

Support for the Stella plugin is provided via the support forum or email. If you’re looking for help in customization or consulting, plugins integration and compatibility, SEO and more, please review our consulting services.

Thank you for using the Stella plugin for WordPress and keep in mind that we’re always open for any kind of feedback. Subscribe to our Blog to get some great free tutorials about theme development as well as freebies, reviews and WordPress news.

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Plugin Info

  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Release date: 15/05/2014
  • Developer: Ruslan Khakimov @frumatic
  • Requirements: WordPress 3.3+, PHP5+
  • Compatible with modern web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, IE (9+)

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