WpMuBar is a multisite navigation bar for WordPress


About WpMuBar

WpMuBar plugin provides you with easy to setup and use upper bar for your Multisite WordPress portal.

Plugin Features

  • background_switcher

    Background switcher


    Our plugin can be customized to display customizable background that should fit to your sites design.

  • logo_upload

    Logo upload


    It is possible to use your custom logo. If you do not want this, this can be disabled.

  • multisit_switcher

    Multisite switcher


    WpMuBar plugin is designed specially as a stylish and easy-to-use multisite switcher. It allows your visitors capabilities of a quick and simple navigation between multisite sites.

  • social_buttons

    Social buttons


    We are grateful to help you promote your sites by adding social buttons as an option. Your visitors delight will be clearly heard by Google+, Facebook anf Twitter!

  • custom_button

    Сustom button


    It is possible to enable special button that can lead your visitors to pre-defined URLs. These URLs are unique for each site so it’s up to you how to use it. For example, you can setup this button to use links linked to purchasing items that are displayed on your sites.

Support & Updates

Support for the WPMUBar plugin is provided via the Theme.fm support forum or email. If you’re looking for help in customization or consulting, plugins integration and compatibility, SEO and more, please review our consulting services.

Thank you for using the WPMUBar plugin for WordPress and keep in mind that we’re always open for any kind of feedback. Subscribe to our Blog to get some great free tutorials about theme development as well as freebies, reviews and WordPress news.

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Plugin Info

  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Release date: 26/04/2012
  • Developer: Theme.fm
  • Requirements: WordPress 3.1+, PHP5+
  • Compatible with modern web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, IE (9+)

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