San Kloud

San Kloud is a theme for blogging with a bright and shiny design!


About San Kloud

The San Kloud theme has been released in August 2011. San Kloud is a theme for blogging, has a few different color schemes to pick from, bright and shiny design and layout. Typography is powered by by Google Web Fonts, customizable via child themes. Houses a few interesting actions and filters that can be used in child themes and plugins to make San Kloud work the way you’d like it to.

Theme Features

  • single-theme-features-960-grid

    960 Grid Layout


    Full-width template with fixed width and two columns.

  • single-theme-features-based-wordpress

    Based on WordPress Itself


    All the functionality built into Lorenz is based on WordPress itself: menus, widgets, thumbnails, color schemes and backrounds. So there's no learning curve!

  • single-theme-features-easy-customize

    Easy to Customize


    Three color schemes to choose from, typography and layout settings and of course a place to upload your company logo. Further customization via CSS and child themes.

  • single-theme-features-easy-use

    Extremely Easy to Use


    If you're familiar with WordPress and had experience with default themes like Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven, you'll find San Kloud incredibly easy to use.

  • single-theme-features-out-box

    Out of the Box


    San Kloud works out of the box without additional setup or configuration. You can use the theme on an existing WordPress site with your existing content.

  • single-theme-features-parent-theme

    Parent Theme


    If you’re a WordPress developer, you’ll be happy to know that San Kloud comes equipped with a whole set of actions and filters that you can take advantage of when building a child theme.

Support & Updates

Support for the San Kloud theme is provided via the support forums. If you’re looking for help in customization or consulting, plugins integration and compatibility, SEO and more, please review our consulting services.

Thank you for using the San Kloud theme for WordPress and keep in mind that we’re always open for any kind of feedback. Subscribe to our RSS feed to get some great free tutorials about theme development as well as freebies, reviews and WordPress news.

Theme License

The San Kloud theme for WordPress is licensed under the GPL v2 license and is free for download, use and customization with no attribution required, although very much appreciated.

Theme Info

  • Current Version: 1.0.5
  • Release date: 31/08/2011
  • Theme Type: Blogging
  • Requirements: WordPress 3.0+, PHP5+
  • Compatible with modern web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, IE (7, 8, 9)

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